If you are looking to buy a still and make your own moonshine,there is no better way. This is the most advanced technology to distill Moonshine. Every still Is quality hand crafted built by real Americans with food grade solder, pure copper and stainless steel(where possible). This still comes as a complete package with everything you need excluding water, yeast and sugar. Using the directions and recipes you will learn to make gallons of excellent tasting Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Brandy, Moonshine and any other Hooch you can think of at a fraction of what it would cost to buy at your local store.

venom home still

Still Package

* Step by Step Easy to Follow Instructions

* Temperature Gauge

* All Hoses, Clamps and Gaskets

* Distilling Software

* Fermenting Bucket

* Carbon Filter System

* Sutured Packing

* Defusing Material

* FREE Shipping inside US

* Time tested Recipes

* Online forum for questions and distilling techniques

The software and directions are so easy to follow, even a cave man can make moonshine. The directions include, hundreds of recipes. The Proper Way to operate your still, how to make a wash, the proper way to ferment and how to add Natural Flavors. In about 3 days after following the directions provided you will have 3 gallons of world class tasting moonshine.

Electric Home Still

If you ever wanted to try making your own spirits but have felt that the larger home distillers were too much, this may be the perfect size unit for you. Distilling is a rewarding, interesting hobby. Impress Your Family and Friends! Operate it in your Kitchen, Apartment or anyplace you like.

electric still

Still Package

* Electric Burner

* 2 Gallon Boiler

* Copper Plated Mounting Flange

* Fermenter

* Air Lock Bubbler

* Carbon Filter System

* Temp Gauge

* Hose Clams and Hoses

* Hundreds of Recipes

Home Pot Still

You asked for it,you got it, this is about as cheap as you can get. Yes you can get away with using a still like this. It will take longerto get to a finished product. Then again, this is a hobby and it is about the enjoyment of making something of your own. Many people use a still like this, do there homework and enjoy many years, of the art of distilling.

pot still

Home pot Still

* 3 Gallon Boiler

* Copper Still Column

* Easy Read Thermometer

* Vinyl Tubing For Cooling Water

* Lid Clips

* Hose Clamps

* Cork For Sealing In Thermometer

* many of Recipes

*Instructions on CD Rom

Unit works on a stove top or outdoor propane burner and is easy to clean and compact for storage. Unit is made with all lead free solder and is 100% copper and stainless steel.