watermelon moonshine recipe

watermelon moonshine recipe

Hey everybody, how’s it going? My name is Kyle Brown with Clawhammer Supply – Makers of premium, all copper, moonshine still kits. Today we’re going to show you how to make some watermelon brandy. What you’re going to need for this, as far as ingredients go, umm, are, uhh, 5 gallon sized watermelons, a bag of raisins, a couple pounds of raisins, 2 pounds of cane sugar, and 2 packets of bread yeast. As far as equipment goes what you’re going to need, uhh, are, a blender, a cutting board and a knife, a 5 gallon bucket with a paint strainer, a colander, or a cheesecloth to strain the pulp from the juice, uhh, um, some sort of a stirring paddle or mashing paddle, a large boil pot with a thermometer, a wort chiller to cool things down, an auto-siphon to transfer liquid from one vessel to the next, of course, a heating source, and a fermentation vessel with an air-lock. Make sure to sanitize everything before you start.

“Does the flavor of the watermelon come through in the finished product? What about other fruit like apples or bananas?”

“to get real Mellon favors your need to make a mixture and mix it into your finished product. You my get a hint of the taste after distilling but mix in a sauce pan your juices and added what you think will help the flavor then cool and mix to the spirit.”



The Making of our Moonshine with Dragon Ranch and Rockit Ranch Productions

The story behind our own in-house blend of Midwest Moonshine as Dragon Ranch Moonshine and Barbeque and Rockit Ranch Productions visit Journeymen Distillery.

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REAL Moonshine Corn Mash Shortcut

People are not makeing a true corn mash on youtube.
They are just adding corn to a sugar wash and calling it shine. The corn just sits there.
Here is a shortcut to get shine from corn.
Adding a little bit of wheat germ can also help with the process.
1 part corn syrup
3 parts water (refill same bottle 3 times)
Add activated yeast and let it sit for a week in a container that can breath

If you’re ready to make a real corn mash from scratch, click on the link below…

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