Easy Build Moonshine Still

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A cheap and simple way to build a stove top moonshine still. So small, you can distill while cooking dinner. Less than total cost. If you don’t like the …

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  1. wcemichael says:

    Oh I didn’t see your comment till now. You can get as much a 2 cups per run if your mash is really good.
    You can also refill it and start again.

  2. kingofblades says:

    Obviously because the poster did not reply on the years old video, And as far as i i determinemy comment is the most productive, so fuck off.

  3. Jason Wilcox says:

    why are you responding to another persons channel?

  4. wcemichael says:

    Copper tubing can be bent with your bare hands.
    Just don’t kink it. You can use a small closed end wrench to help in tight corners. Just bend it a little, move down 1/16 inch and repeat.

  5. ryan packa says:

    Any tips on how to bend the copper into a coil for a beginner like me? I just would like to get it right the first time.

  6. Boris Sh says:

    Thank you for your very helpful recommendations about cleaning the cooler before using!

  7. shawfamilyvideos says:

    its aluminum, I wouldn’t use aluminum to build any still.

  8. wcemichael says:

    It holds 1 gallon, and 1 gal of a really good mash should give you at least 1and 1/2 cups. maybe 2
    But the beautiful thing is, you can be done in a couple of hours and refill it and go again, if you have more mash.
    Unless I’m making wine in it’s own juice container, I never make less than 3 gal.

  9. kyle dalton says:

    how much will 1 gallon of mash make and how much does this still hold

  10. TheMrbumpas says:

    Sodium thiosulfate,sold as DeClor in pet shops,safely removes chlorine from water.Just a drop per gallon for drinking water,a teaspoon for a bathtub.It’s a natural substance found in some well water.Good for plants also. Do a search,you’ll find it interesting.

  11. rondoo32 says:

    well it sure as hell dont help, so what does harm you then?

  12. kingofblades says:

    indeed, dont drink city water (in the USA) but it is not the fluorite that harms you.

  13. kingofblades says:

    it all depends on the dimentions of your still obviously.

  14. wcemichael says:

    The jug won’t melt.
    You can take the lid into your local hardware store and ask them for a fitting (stainless steel if they have one, but don’t worry to much about it) and 10 feet of flexible copper tubing that will fit into that fitting.
    Places you can look. Ace. Lowe’s, Home depot, Minard’s.

  15. drkarol says:

    Hey wcemichael, your still looks simple yet cool. when you pointed out that the top of the coil was hot when you where cleaning it out with vinigar, would the plastic jug holding the coil melt? and where could i get some copper for coiling? Thanks eh

  16. rondoo32 says:

    how so?say walmart has flouridated water and who knows what else they put in it to clean it, cheap buts its killing us, i dont drink city water

  17. wcemichael says:

    You’re right, but it’s better water than you can get from other sources.

  18. Jacobwish93 says:

    Store fillers like the one at wall-mart use reverse osmosis that will not give you pure water, only distillation can do that.

  19. wcemichael says:

    It might be easier just to get a big water bottle and keep refilling it from a store that has a water filtration station. It’s really much better than any home filter you can buy.

  20. adracamas says:

    Here to learn how to make a still to distill the fluoride our of our tap water. Thanks. 

  21. PAPICHULO02007 says:

    How much shine does this produce at once?
    500 ml?

  22. wcemichael says:

    1 No.
    Aluminum is a solid. It does not evaporate and re-condense same as liquids, however I can not prove this without spending 100s on testing. I will say it is safe enough to run a few batches so you can understand distillation better, then make upgrades. I started with a still that was worse than this. I am still alive and smart enough to bring the most info to the public.
    It does affect the flavor so upgrade to stainless steel as soon as possible.

  23. jheinri123 says:

    2 questions: When you run the vinegar and water through the coil to clean it out without water in the container for the coil, does the coil get so hot that it melts or damages the plastic container the coil is in?
    And is aluminum safe or not? Your other responses obviously say that you think it is safe, but I was just wondering why you bothered with the upgrade.

  24. thoughtthumper says:

    might as well be using cast iron or tin. aluminum is not safe for making whiskey.. its perfectly fine if you’re distilling water alcohol is another story. i do not want to be making murky, no bead shine

  25. thoughtthumper says:

    well you’re are forgetting that any thing metal when heat is applied oxidizes, when things oxidizes other chemical are produce. it is not the METAL that makes your alcohol poison but those oxidization impurities reacting with the alcohol that makes it poison. he was right when he said copper or stainless, but copper is preferred seeing as copper itself purifies liquids. i bet that aluminum brew you got going on there cant hold a good bead to save your life.

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