Moonshine Sugar Mash

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For beginners who want to understand the basics of making moonshine.
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  1. wcemichael says:

    +Joxe Aranzabal I did.
    You always get methanol when distilling, unless your redistilling a store
    bought liquor.
    And I do have a video on how to do this.

  2. superjg4567OUTDOORS says:

    how much shine do i pour out when it first comes out don’t wanna posin

  3. Blake Willis says:

    Okay thank you for the info

  4. LittleDaddyCool says:

    Could you charcoal filter the mash a few times before distilling to remove
    some of the yeast taste?

  5. Blake Willis says:

    Ok thanks. What would bring the proof up? Sugar?

  6. Kurtis Zimmerman says:

    How long should it ferment?

  7. momo says:

    I’d like to thank you for your vids, very informative, if you don’t mind I
    wanted to ask you about how to make the product smoother in taste( beside
    lowering the heat) much obliged!

  8. Blake Willis says:

    Between your corn syrup recipe and the sugar mash what is your ballpark
    alcohol proofs

  9. trreb1 says:

    West Coast, sweet feed makes a great shine BUT…DO NOT use the sweet feed
    that looks like pellets. When it’s in pellet form it’s harder to work with
    it for fermenting and getting your yeast started. I will be making a batch
    here soon for the holidays and I’ll bring some to ya to try out. Peace.

  10. Logan Schellenberg says:

    Would you do a video on how to make strawberry moonshine

  11. Blake Willis says:

    Okay thank you for the info

  12. Blake Willis says:

    Between your corn syrup recipe and the sugar mash what is your ballpark
    alcohol proofs

  13. HogFl says:

    lol.. you’d be surprised what you will find when you re-distill store

  14. Joxe Miranda says:

    You should do a video of how to know if your shine gots methanol in it and
    how much to do throw away or if it’s safe to drink?.

  15. wcemichael says:

    I’ve heard that all is required for a corn mash is malt, but I haven’t been
    able to confirm that yet, that’s why you haven’t seen it yet from me. I
    live in a trailer with no extra room for special work like that but hey, if
    I think I can manage it sometime, I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the

  16. solshine41 says:

    I have a recipe that has been passed around here where I live in the
    Carolinas ( I’m in Charleston, SC) that is a very old way of making it that
    does not require any yeast. Its cracked yellow corn, yellow corn malt and
    sugar. During the summer it takes only 7-10 days to ferment. I have not
    tried to make it yet, but the old timers here sware its the best. Thought
    you’d might like to add it to your cookbook.

  17. wcemichael says:

    No I have not tried sweet feed. I do not have room for a 50 pound bag,
    assuming it comes in one. Someone tried it and told me it’s not very good.
    I would like to try rye It’s the soggy bottom boys, “man of constant
    sorrow”, from the movie “brother where art thou?”

  18. solshine41 says:

    Hello sir. I was wondering if you have tried sweet feed or rye with a corn
    mash and does it really have a different flavor that just a corn mash?
    Also, is that leftover salmon playing your opening music?

  19. wcemichael says:

    I don’t mind the questions. I can’t really say.. It’s just one of those
    things you’ll have to figure out. HOWEVER…Be warned. The mash will
    produce a large concentration of CO2. Just sticking you head in and taking
    a big whiff can make you dizzy and/or pass out. Also when taking this gas
    into your lungs, your body has a like a hiccup reaction. An instant short
    of breath feeling.

  20. Jeffrey Revette says:

    What is it supposed to smell like?? Sorry for all the questions i just want
    to get this right

  21. Jeffrey Revette says:

    Thank you man

  22. wcemichael says:

    Unless you’ve used 3+ cups of yeast for a 5 gallon mash, or unless your
    bottling it as a wine. You don’t need to let it settle. use it when it’s
    done. These “turbo yeast” guys they sell you more yeast than you actually
    need, so then you need to buy the extra kit, FROM THEM, to make it settle.
    Just use less yeast and give it time to work. I use about 10% of the yeast
    than what Turbo yeast tell you to and all my mashes turn out fine.

  23. Jeffrey Revette says:

    What would you say would be the recommended time for the sugar shine to
    settle for best results?

  24. wcemichael says:

    Oh no, It won’t be clear, you’re fine. You would have to let the yeast
    settle to the bottom for weeks for it to be clear

  25. Brittany Miller says:

    I used the recipe and it did not come out fully clear. Could it be the
    water I’m using? I used tap water.

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