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The Documentary Channel presents “The Last One.” The famous Moonshiner makes his last run.. Buy the Film Here! tiny.cc

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  1. 0420foxracing says:

    wats the name of this song?!?!?

  2. exposefraud says:

    Family friend, Ali Randolph, sang her original song about Popcorn at his Memorial Service. She has now posted a video of the song played with her band, The Outta Luck Band.
    Contains footage of the car in which Popcorn ended his life on his terms.
    Moonshiners – Popcorn Sutton – Ali Randolph & The Outta Luck Band – Music Video - Moonshine

  3. fergi says:


  4. RaceTraitorHater says:

    @jda1961 Please refer to my original comment.

  5. aniretak12 says:

    Mr Jack Daniels Cousin? lol

  6. bakedpootetoo says:

    He’s an OG.

  7. jda1961 says:

    @RaceTraitorHater if he did’nt want to die in prison then the coward convict should’nt have broken the law, . and yea right you’d have shot it out with the cops, i bet you are a real badass. if you have to ask what a respectable citizen is then you are to stupid to learn by me telling you. i’m not sure what you mean about the sheep comment, i’m in west virginia, we don’t do the sheep thing, you are thinking about virginia, they like sheep a lot there.

  8. RaceTraitorHater says:

    @jda1961 He had cancer. 18 months was a death sentence, I wouldn’t want to die in prison either. I’d have shot it out when they came to get me.
    The biggest criminals are the ones that run your country, the ones that make making moonshine illegal.
    Respectable citizen?…Ha!
    WTF is a respectable citizen?
    All they care about is the tax money.
    You sound like a sheep. Nobody can follow every law.
    Who would want to?

  9. austing12 says:

    lol hillbillies.

  10. xjparker1 says:

    Poppy Suttin lived the next county over from me R.I.P Poppy

  11. Misfit559 says:

    Fuck the government

  12. rollbeer says:

    @Misfit559 The United States wants their tax money, white liquor is made as a free enterprise without paying the government and they feel that they are the only ones allowed to do such a thing…

  13. ibematos says:

    Spread the word vote RON PAUL who has the right to tell u what to do or what to drink.

  14. Kickerdk says:

    @ibematos YEA! :-) 

  15. Misfit559 says:

    What is illegal about moonshine popcorn is a legend

  16. BuiltFordTough78 says:

    anybody know the name of that song their pickin at :05 that shits badass!

  17. darlamilf47 says:

    I just got the most bad ass popcorn sutton T shirt on ebay.
    it says Popcorn said Fuck You and RIP professionally made with popcorn flippin the bird.
    Get yours too just lookup popcorn said fuck you t shirt on ebay from their username popcornwhitewhiskey.

  18. Sam0Swee says:

    Now this…This IS craftsmanship!

  19. jda1961 says:

    @RaceTraitorHater no he’s screaming in agony in the pits of hell wishing he’d never killed himself.

  20. jda1961 says:

    @soadisawesome24 so being a law breaking tax cheat, and coward was his heritage? he died from carbonmonoxide. never heard of that in anybody’s roots. idiot.

  21. soadisawesome24 says:

    @jda1961 ppl like you make me sick to my stomach…popcorn lived by his heritage. this is what america was founded on…and he died for his southern roots..

  22. RaceTraitorHater says:

    @jda1961 POPCORN SAYS FUCK YOU!!!!

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